Causality: The science behind cause and effect at Data Science Speakers

On the 18th October I presented at Data Science Speakers Club the talk “Causality: The science behind cause and effect”. This presentation is an introduction to to the topic of Causality and the importance of using this approach for Data Science problems.

The content of this presentation comes from the book “The Book of Why” from Judea Pearl. In my presentation I covered:

  • The Monty Hall problem. Why in this game is beneficial to switch doors and why if we change slightly the game then the benefit is lost
  • The Simpson’s Paradox: A classic example when summarising data in groups can have different results than summarising without them and how to overcome it
  • Causal diagrams: How to visualise the Month Hall problem and the Simpon’s Paradox with causal diagrams

Below you can find the slides that I presented during this event

For more details about Data Science Speakers club and to attend future meetings find it in here



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