Using ChatGPT for your next public speech at Data Science Speakers

On the 6th February 2023, I presented the talk “Hello Robot” at the Data Science Speakers club. In this talk I showed how you can use ChatGPT to help you with the content for your next public speaking. Below you will find the transcript from my presentation:

Do you think that a computer algorithm can write your next public speech?

Lets do a test! I asked to this computer algorithm to write a 100 word poem for a public speaking contest of data scientists in London and I asked also to include jokes about artificial intelligence. This is what it replied:

“Data wizards come near, to London town so dear, with algorithms at hand, to make us understand. Jokes and insights they’ll share, in this public speaking affair, showing their skills, with data as their tool to bear. So listen close, and don’t be shy, as they share the magic, of AI sky-high. The audience will roar, with laughter so grand, at this contest of the brightest, data science in command.”

This is quite impressive!

Dear Toastmasters, tonight I want first introduce to this computer algorithm called ChatGPT and then how this tool can help you to prepare your next public speech

First, what is this tool called ChatGPT?

It is an AI model that was trained on a massive amount of text data that comes from different sources of the internet like Wikipedia, Books, Newspapers, Magazines, Code Repositories. All this data was then trained with algorithms that were enhanced to generate human-like text to answers questions, write programming code and to even writing poetry as you saw at the beginning. The tool was just released in November 2022 and right now it has more than 100 million users with many of them being industries that are looking to use it for customer service and content creation. Today, I am showing that it can also can be used for public speaking.

How can this tool help you for your next public speaking?

ChatGPT is like having a virtual assistant that will help you to create and adjust your speech. For example, if you are not sure what to talk about in your next speech in Toastmasters you can follow the next steps

  1. Ask this assistant to generate 7 minutes of content about a topic you like to present.
  2. Review this first version of the content and adjust it by removing content that you do not feel relevant or asking ChatGPT to expand the content on specific parts that you want to focus more.
  3. To improve the interaction with the audience, you  can ask ChatGPT to find jokes that could incorporate the topics or to create questions that that might be relevant to ask.
  4. Once you have a suitable content for your speech, you can ask ChatGPT to find ways to improve the impact of the delivery by adjusting words or its grammar.
  5. Verify the quality and accuracy of content created

With all this different functionalities, you can integrate ChatGPT very easily into your public speaking and specially into your Toastmasters journey and help you to focus more in the practice of your presentation.

I want to conclude this talk with my vision of the months to come. This is just the beginning of a new era in content generation.  Many different versions of these type of tools will be coming not only to generate text but also to generate sounds, video and images. All of these tools that can help us to not only to enhance public presentations but also to change that we work and we live. Today, it helped me to prepare this talk for my public speaking contest, tomorrow maybe a machine will be here competing amongst us

For more details about Data Science Speakers club and to attend future meetings find it in here


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