Where are the low Covid-19 countries to travel next? A tool to select your next destination

I have just visited Slovenia during the last weeks. This visit marks my visit to country number 50 and now I am trying to find my destination!

However with all the current Covid-19 cases increasing in Europe, it is hard to find a place to book the next holiday.

I have just put together a quick tool to show where are those places that you could visit and a use as a reference the UK limit to return without quarantine back

You can research your next destination with the tool in this link 



1 Comment

  1. Thanks for sharing Eduardo.
    I like the idea of using the fortnightly rate and putting things into perspective with the UK baseline limit (how does that compare with other countries’ baselines?).
    I couldn’t seem to get the map selection to show on the charts but clicking a country on the charts highlighted on the other chart.
    Bon voyage!


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